“These glyphs might look South American, but they're older, far, far older. These are the Words of Power, ancient Symbols of Binding, drawn from a language that was little more than a memory even before Danu Talis rose from the waves. Legend has it that the Archons used the words to protect something incredibly valuable or guard against something extraordinarily dangerous.”
Niccolo Machiavelli while explaining to Billy the Kid and Black Hawk in

The Words of Power, or Symbols of Binding, are incredibly powerful glyphs used mainly by the Archons for guarding and for protecting. The Words are usually written in woad, red ochre or blood, as square style glyphs, and on a spear-like post. When in a correct formation with the correct words, they can activate a powerful matrix of power, making a magical barrier, which cannot be penetrated by both monsters, ghosts, and inhuman creatures, such as Elders, alike. When spun around, they can produce a small dulling field, causing numbness and disentegration of fragile elements.

The Magician

At least twelve spears with the Words of Power written on them to form a matrix of power pwerful enough to trap the Great Elder Areop-Enap. Perenelle Flamel partially rubs off some of some glyphs and removes the spears to set the Great Elder free.

The Enchantress

Found in the underground tunnels of Alcatraz, they were previously used to ensare and trap Areop-Enap, or Old Spider. They are important weapons that are used by Billy the Kid and Black Hawk to kill the Sphinx, several other attacking monsters, and injure Xolotl's Karkinos. When Billy mistakes Perenelle coming out of the mist as some monster, he throws one of the deadly spears with the Words of Power inscribed on it at her. The Crow Goddess steps infront of the projectile just in time to save Perenelle, and Macha, The Morrigan and The Badb crumble to dust. The Words of Power spears also are vital to cracking open the mud healing shell of Areop-Enap, and along with the auras of Nicholas Flamel, Perenelle and Niccolo Machiavelli, awaken the Old Spider.


  • It should be noted that the Words of Power did not have the same devastating effect on the Karkinos like it did on the Sphinx and the Morrigan.
  • John Dee trapped Areop-Enap down under Alcatraz with the long forgotten Words of Power, and Perenelle wonders how he came to know the words. It can be assumed that Isis and Osiris, Dee's masters, told him the ancient glyphs, for it is otherwise unclear how he came by them.