This article is about the manifestations of maladies. For the manifestations of elemental magic, see Elementals.

Race Information
Name Wight
Common Names Unknown
Status Extant (Presumably)
Age of Race (Unknown) edit
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) John Dee
Homeland Unknown
Powers Some control over a particular malady
Notable Members Hunger, Disease
Population Unknown
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
Wights are beings that possess control over a certain aspect of suffering, such as Hunger and Disease. The Wights of Hunger and Disease were the causes of the Great Famine of Ireland in 1845, when they were sent by John Dee to kill Nicholas Flamel and Perenelle Flamel. They resemble skeletons with tendrils of black or brown mist swirling off of them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Wights have complete control over their aspect of malady. Together Hunger and Disease were able to cause potato blight and induce sickness in the population. Given how widespread the epidemic was, Wights are evidently able to control their powers over large distances and attack many targets at once.