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"It is said that the Magic of Air or Fire or even Earth is the most powerful magic of all. But that is wrong. The Magic of Water surpasses all others, for water is both the lifegiver and the deathbringer."
— Gilgamesh while training Sophie and Josh in Water Magic.

Water magic is one of the four main elemental magics, along with Air, Earth, and Fire magic. Masters of water can alter the state, shape, pressure, and composition of water in nearly any conceivable way. Mastering water magic typically takes lifetimes of study, however those who have are among the most powerful wielders of magic in the Myriad Shadowrealms. In addition to wielding massive destructive power, water magic can be used to manipulate weather. After being taught the secrets of water by Gilgamesh, Sophie and Josh Newman use water magic to help defeat Cernunnos by creating mud.

Powers & Abilities

Masters of water can manipulate the substance in many ways, including:

  • Hydromancy: Masters of water can create, move, and shape water into nearly any shape or form imaginable.
  • Manipulation of Bodies of Water: Masters of water can manipulate rivers and oceans, such as impacting tidal currents, causing floods, and creating waves.
  • Thermokinesis: Masters of water can manipulate the temperature of water, causing it to boil or freeze.
  • Weather Manipulation: Masters of water can create rain, clouds, and storms.

Water manipulation

Masters of Water

Main article: Category:Masters of Water

  • Tsukuyomi

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