Basic Information
Name Virginia Dare's Flute
Other Names Unknown
Owner(s) Virginia Dare
Past Owners Unknown
Creator(s) Unspecified Archons
Date Created (Unknown) edit
Destroyed Unknown
Powers Limited ability to control creatures
Other Unknown

Virginia Dare's Flute has been mentioned as Archon technology. Not much is known about this flute but we do know that Virginia is bound to the flute. Also, Elders are unable to touch it without feeling pain. As mentioned in The Necromancer: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel she found it in a cave that is situated in the Grand Canyon. The flute was put there by Marethyu for Virginia to find.


With her flute Virginia is able to create sounds that can:

  • Put people and creatures to sleep
  • Awake people and creatures from a somnus spell
  • Play a note so high that it can cause anyone who hears it to pass out
  • Create severe pain
  • Mesmerize anyone who hears it to obey the player of the flute
  • Kill (?)