"Flying Discs. A few survived the Fall of Danu Talis and made it to the Earth shadowrealm. My father had one... until Aoife crashed it. She blamed me."
Scathach on Vimanas

Vimanas are a form of Ancient Transportation that resembles what the Humani call UFOs.

Shape and Size

The vimanas come in many shapes and sizes. There are ovals, circles, and triangles. The normal vimanas appear to be about twenty feet in diameter. There is room for two Anpu in the cockpit. The larger vimanas are known as Rukma vimanas and are warships. Aten gives Marethyu a crystal vimana. The Rukma vimana that comes to the volcano prison is almost too big to fit in.


The vimanas run on an electromagnetic engine. Every day several fall out of the sky. Flying in a vimana negates the passengers aura. No one can use their auras while in the ship. The vimanas were not made by the Elders.