I've deceided on updating on Saturdays for my blog. I may add blogs on Friday nights out of boredom (like now) or any other day of the week, but it'll mostly be Saturdays.

I've made quite a few edits to the wiki, (24!) and I am scoring high on the ranking charts (9th!). I've found a fellow Minecrafter and hope to be on good terms with him. Please stop by and say hi to Ninjafish2 for me!

I've also come up with an idea of a slogan-motto. I accutelly haven't I just thought having one would be cool.

Yesterday I dug around and found a book! Prince. It is written my Niccolo Machiavelli, a protagainst of this wiki series!

Plans for last week:

  1. Edit my main page for details about myself.
  2. Find a mistake in an obscure article.
  3. Fix more mistakes!
  4. ???
  5. Limitless Power!

Please tell me what you think of my current achievements and next weeks ones in the comments!

New plans for the week:

  1. Go up at least three spaces in ranking.
  2. Find a friend. (IRL or in wikia)
  3. Earn at least five badges for making blog posts, photo adding, editting, ect.
  4. [Tell me in the comments!]
  5. [Tell me in the comments!]

Yes, I am doing a "You choose!" thingy for me to do. PLease try and keep it simple, but I love to try challenges.

So, remember:

  1. Slogan/Motto Ideas
  2. Come up with as many as possible of ideas for number four and five in my to-do-list. (I'll choose the omes I like most)
  3. Tell me if any infomation or a photo is missing from an article. (Say it on my talk page please)

I don't know did I get everything or something, but please ask me for any obscure infomation. I've weeks of time on my hands to go searching through the books.

For example; I found out that Bastet's husband is called Amenhotop in a matter of half an hour only! And that Sacthach's farther is Ard-Greine!

See you on Saturday!

Sethanic 19:27, June 15, 2012

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