aka Joshua

  • I live in Danu Talis
  • My occupation is Spreading the Last Word
  • I am Male
  • EarthlordEditor

    Havonek's sight began to return as the blinding cast's effects wore off. He blinked, expelling the remaining fuzzy blackness that had shrouded his eyesight. When his vision was finally restored, he looked up at the beaming Great Elder before him. Pliny's horizontally slitted eyes looked wrong in his all-too humani body. Pliny even offered his hand to help his friend up, but Havonek did not take it. He did not like the idea of coming into contact with a humani. Havonek drifted up from the ground with no help using his newly sprouted wings, and stared at Pliny. "What do you want from me? Why have you brought me here?"

    "Why?" Pliny questionned, "Because I need your help." The Great Elder looked his friend up and down, "And I don't think that yo…

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  • EarthlordEditor

    Havonek ran through the Wilderness, trying desperately to outrun his chasers. He continued to run, but twisted his fur covered head at an impossible angle to look behind him. Six of the 10 vimana airships remained. Havonek skidded to a halt before slamming into a huge tree. He concentrated, focusing his aura into his furry hands, forming two transparent discs of dark red light. Wisps of his aura rose from his back as the smell of smoke covered the area. Still concentrating, Havonek threw the discs up just as two vimana airships tried firing at him. The discs caught the fire, and exploded into the airships, that quickly decented into the undergrowth of the tree and ferns of the Wilderness, killing all onboard. Havonek exhaled a breath he di…

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