The Twins of Legend (or the Twins of Prophecy) are a set of twins with "the power to destroy the world or save it". According to the prophecy, they are "the two that are one, the one that is all". Their auras are pure gold and silver, which are considered sun and moon. Josh and Sophie Newman are one supposed pair of the Twins of Legend; it has been noted that there have been many before them, whom have been trained by Nicholas Flamel, possibly before dying or going insane. Josh and Sophie Newman are not actually twins: Josh was picked up by Earthlords Isis and Osiris from a Neanderthal camp while Sophie was captured from a tribe in Siberia tens of thousands of years later. They were kept in a Shadowrealm where time did not pass until Isis and Osiris could bring them out and attempt to use their powers to create a time portal, where they hoped to bring back the other Earthlords from before the great wars with the Archons and Ancients that exterminated most of the race. 

Sophie and Josh Newman

Name Assignment
Sophie Newman Moon
Josh Newman Sun
Sophie and Josh Newman

Josh and Sophie Newman


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