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“All the people know that Tsagaglalal sees all things, for whenever they are looking at her, those large eyes are watching them.”
— in The Enchantress
Tsagaglalal, also known as She Who Watches


Humani (Immortal)

Aura Color:


Aura Scent:



Abraham the Mage (husband)

Gilgamesh (brother)

Prometheus (creator/father)


Roughly 11000 years old or older. (also roughly the same age as Gilgamesh, one of the first humani)

Tsagaglalal game of thornes style by phabayane-d53oq1q


Tsagaglalal is a character that shows up in The Warlock. Her name means "She Who Watches", and she is the first humani that Prometheus animated in the Nameless City. She has a jasmine scented aura. She has been posing as Sophie and Josh's Aunt Agnes and has watched over the female line of their family since the fall of Danu Talis. Her brother Gilgamesh was entrusted with the male line of the Newman family. Tsagaglalal's husband, Abraham the Mage, gave her emerald tablets inscribed with magical glyphs that bore messages to Josh, Sophie, Prometheus, Odin, Mars, Hel, Niten, Perenelle, and Nicholas. These tablets can also act as ley gates. She also plays a pivotal role in saving Niten when he and Prometheus were defeated by the Spartoi on the San Francisco Bridge.

Tsagaglala lives on Scott Street, and has a secret garden at the back of the house. She trains Sophie Earth Magic.

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