Race Information
Name Torc Madra
Common Names Werewolves, lycanthropes, ratchet hounds, Gabriel hounds
Status Extant
Age of Race (Unknown) edit
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Hekate
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Unknown
Powers Transformation (Hound & Human)
Notable Members Unknown
Population Unknown
Related Races Cucubuths, Torc Clans
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
Torc Madra, classically known as werewolves, Hounds of Gabriel, or Ratchets, are members of the Torc Clans and were created by Hekate. They can switch between their human form and their animal form at will. In human form they are described as young-looking, red-eyed men with long brown hair and numerous with tattoos. In animal form they resemble red-eyed, fork-tongued Russian greyhounds. In The Sorceress, a number of Torc Madra are commanded by Gabriel when the scrapyard castle was being sieged by Cernunnos and Dee.
Russian Greyhound

A Russian Greyhound, similar to the Torc Madra's animal appearance.


  • The offspring of a Torc Madra and a vampire is a Cucubuth.