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The Torc Clans, or werebeasts, are half-animals half-human beings created by the Elder Hekate in her Yggdrasil Shadowrealm. There are a lot of them, but few are known, some of them are Torc Allta (wereboars), Torc Madra (werewolves), Torc Tiogar (weretigers), and Torc Leon (werelions). They are all loyal to Hekate, especially the Torc Allta.

Each Torc clan lives in each continent but each clan also specializes in one country, while Torc Allta live in the United States with Hekate, the Torc Madra live in Europe (especially in England), the Torc Tiogar live in India, and the Torc Leon in Africa. 

Torc Allta are in their animal form the size of a pony, are extremely muscular and have large tusks, which have spirals carved into them. They also possess red fur. In their human forms they are similar, but look somehow primitive similar to Neanderthals with marked cheeks and forehead, small blue eyes and blunt flat noses.

Torc Madra look like Russian greyhounds in their animal forms. They have yellowish teeth, forked tongues, and completely red eyes. In their human forms they have very long brown hair, purple and blue tattoos from their cheeks to their chests, and blood red eyes. They are also known as the Gabriel hounds, most likely because their leader is named Gabriel. They are also known as Hell-hounds or Ratchets. They protect Palamedes' and William Shakespeare's home.

Torc Allta

Weretiger by captainninja-d56fsnf

Torc Tiogar

Subra werelion by venty chan-d347a6r

Torc Leon

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