Themis fan art
Basic Information
Name Themis
Other Names Unknown
Title(s) Unknown
Race Elder
Gender Female
Age (Circ. 2012)
Born Unknown; at least 10,000 years ago
Created Unknown
Died Unknown
Historical Death Unknown
Died Unknown
Status (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Aura Color Unknown edit
Aura Scent Unknown edit
Relationships and Family
Master(s) Unknown
Servant(s) Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Associates Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Parents Uranus (Father)

Gaea (Mother)

Creator(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Unknown
Partner(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
Themis is an Elder and the Greek Titaness of divine law. Like all titans, her parents are Uranus and Gaea. She is briefly mentioned as having the gift of foresight.