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{{Template:Infobox Book |titular character = Sophie Newman |title = The Enchantress |author = Michael Scott |proceeded by = The Warlock |general = US hardcover |release = 22 May 2012 (US)

24 May 2012 (UK) |publisher = Random House |cover artwork = Michael Wagner |number of chapters = 79 |number of pages = 416 |audio release = 22 May 2012 |audio


This story is a confusing time-loop. Josh traded his hands for a hook and a cleaver which he referred to as "sex toys". He raped his sister Sophie and his appearance started to be worse. Josh also was into necrophillia and raped the dead bodies of Nicholas and Perry Flamel.

Josh become this look: ((

Josh would eventually die by having a demonically possesed penis raped his sorry ass.

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