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“I know about lonely. With Mom and Dad away so much or moving us from city to city, it's hard to make friends. Aww... It's almost impossible to keep them. I suppose that's why Josh and I have always been so close; we've had no one else. My best friend, Elle, is in New York. We talk on the phone all the time, and e-mail and chat on IM, but I haven't seen her since Christmas.”
Sophie Newman while talking with Scathach about her lifestyle in The Magician

Sophie Newman, along with her brother, Josh Newman, is one of the set of twins that is being spoken of in the Codex. They were born on the 21st of December 1991 and is 28 seconds older than her brother, even though he is described to be taller and stronger. Before John Dee attacked and changed the course of the twin's lives, Sophie worked in a coffee shop called the Coffee Cup across a bookshop owned by the immortal Nicholas Flamel, who employed her brother. During that time, they lived with Aunt Agnes, who later turns out to be Tsagaglalal. Sophie's aura is pure silver, one of the rarest auras (one famous humani with a silver aura was Joan of Arc, but Joan of Arc doesn't have a pure silver aura).

In the first book, Sophie Newman's powers were Awakened by Hekate (A 10,000 year old Elder, known in humani history as the goddess of magic and witchcraft, who sided with the humani), and she is trained in the use of the Air Magic by The Witch of Endor. The witch also imparts all of her knowledge and memories to Sophie during the process. Throughout the rest of the books, Sophie is taught Fire Magic by Saint-Germain, Water Magic by Gilgamesh, and Earth Magic by Tsagaglalal. Sophie was also taught to channel the Witch's memories by Joan of Arc.

Sophie was raised by Sara and Richard Newman as their own child, but is stunned to discover at the end of the series that she and Josh are not twins, yet they have the same ancestor, and not the true son or daughter of Isis and Osiris. She is told that she was born in the 9th or 10th century on the Russian steppes, where survival was considered low. When Isis and Osiris went searching for a child with a pure silver aura, they found her. They bundled her up and took her to a shadowrealm where time did not pass (Josh was already there). They then later brought the twins into the 21st century, and raised them for what was to come, which is stated in the Codex. Ironically, this means that Josh is actually the elder sibling rather than Sophie.


Sophie learns all magic, but soon learns from Tsagaglalal that all magic are equal or part of one another, and that magic is only limited to one's imagination. She possesses a pure silver Aura, thus giving her several powers. Perenelle has mentioned that she is more powerful than her brother in some areas, such as Water Magic. She also have the power to nullify Bastet's magic, as stated in The Alchemyst, to change back the crows and cats back to its natural forms. She also possesses the raw power to control more than one of the magic simultaneously, which most Elders or even Great Elders doesn't have this ability. Sophie's powers that have been introduced so far include:                                                                            

Superhuman Senses: After her Awakening, her senses became heightened to a supernatural level of acuity.

Air Magic: Due to her training with the Zephaniah, she was able to use Air Magic for a number of uses, such as creating tornadoes and fog.

  • Typhokinesis: Users can control smoke, mist,fog and clouds.
  • Exnomophis: They can change the atoms in the air.
  • Air Blade: Users can create razor sharp winds.
  • Air Momentum: Users can move things in a manner similar to telekinesis by surrounding them with wind.
  • Tornado: They can create powerful twisters and tornadoes.
  • Air Shield: Users can create shields out of wind and air.
  • Flight: They can fly by manipulating air currents.
  • Air Projection: They can project air in the form of blasts, orbs, whirlwinds, beams, bolts, and explosions of powerful winds.
  • Wind Storm Generation: Users can create powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, twisters, whirlwinds etc.
  • Air Temperature Manipulation: They can also control the temperature of the wind they control ranging from arctic cold to blistering hot.

Fire Magic: After being trained by Saint-Germain, she became a master in Fire Magic and is able to do countless things with fire. Including using the short cut Saint-Germain gave to her during training.

  • Fire Projection: Ability to project blazing beams, blasts, balls, and explosions of extremely hot fire and heat.
  • Burning: Ability to burn, scald, singe, scorch, vaporize, evaporate, and incinerate a person or thing by touching them.
  • Fire Absorption: Ability to absorb fire into one's self harmlessly.
  • Fire Breath: Ability to breath fire in the same manner as a dragon.
  • Fire Extinguishing: Ability to instantly extinguish fires.
  • Fire Constructs: Ability to create any shape, constructs, weapons, even beings formed purely from fire.
  • Firestorm: Ability to create large storms of fire.
  • Fire Manipulation: Ability to control the movement of fire and heat.
  • Spontaneous Combustion: Ability to wreathe one's self entirely in fire or become pure fire.
  • Welding & Fusing: Ability to weld and fuse objects via fire and heat.
  • Healing: Ability to heal certain types of wounds with fire.

Water Magic: After Gilgamesh trained her, she is now able to use Water Magic for a number of purposes. Prometheus stated that Water is her natural element, being a silver Aura which symbolizes the moon, which means she is most powerful when it comes to water.

  • Water Projection: It can project water from any part of the body, in any amount or form, in the form of a blast, balls, and explosions, that the user can imagine.
  • Water Constructs: Users can create any shape, weapon, and construct that they can imagine.
  • Water-Based Weather Manipulation: It can create and manipulate any form of weather having to do with water, such as rain, water spouts, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.
  • Cloud Manipulation: Users can manipulate clouds.
  • Freeze Water: Users can freeze water.
  • Water Propulsion: It can fly via being propelled by water.
  • Water Manipulation: Users can manipulate the movement and flow of water.
  • Water Creation: It can summon water by sucking the moisture out of the air or plants."
  • Water Form: Users can become pure water.
  • Water Slash: Users can use water to slash and slice through wood, glass, metal, and etc.

Earth Magic: It is presumed that after she was trained by Tsagaglalal she is able to summon and control the earth by using Earth Magic.

Aura Manipulation: She is able to use her Aura to create a suit of solid, silver armour over her body.                            

Reality Alteration: After she was trained by Tsagaglalal, she gained the understanding that magic is just simply the transformation of imagination into reality. She was able to make a field of flowers appear on the ground; although, it severely weakened her as a lot of the powers did when used.                                                                                      

Knowledge and Memories: She knows and remembers everything that Zephaniah ever knows, remember, felt and seen in her incredibly long lifespan. 

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