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The aura is the electrical field that surrounds every living organism. When an aura is awakened the owner of that aura has the ability to be trained in magic and enhances their senses to a superhuman level.


An aura surrounds nearly every living thing, be it a Humani, an Elder, a member of the Next Generation, an Immortal, a monster or anything in general apart from Archons. Each person's aura is different from any other in color, shape, scent and abilities. Although, in very rare cases, two auras are the same, such as Sophie Newman and Joan of Arc having a pure silver aura. Also, Josh Newman's aura is pure gold and was also shared by several other legendary figures such as King Midas, Tutankhamun and even by the creator of the Codex, Abraham.



The usage of too much magic at one point will cause the aura to begin keeping itself sustainable by feeding off the user's own body. When this happens, the person will spontaneously combust until nothing is left of him or her except for a pile of ashes. The amount of magic one uses before such an occurrence depends on how strong the user's aura is.


Every Aura has a specific colour that varies among users. Most are blended colors, others are a single color, but very rarely, someone gets a pure color aura, such as golden and silver auras. Below is a list of the colors of auras that are displayed so far:


Every color aura is distributed to different living things. The normal, most common shades are those of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. These include every possible shade and tint of the color. After those in this order are grey and white, then silver, then gold, then black as Dagon explains in The Magician. One of the rarest of all though, is surprisingly all the colors combined together in a rainbow-hued aura. This type of aura was only recognized once, belonging to Iris, the rainbow goddess. Although Perenelle covered her aura up with other colors in The Magician to keep ghosts away, you cannot actually change your aura's color like you can to its smell.


Each and every aura has a different scent based upon the user's personality. However, the smells have no levelled rarity because anyone can change their aura's scent. For example, Dee did this long ago to match the fragrance of the sulfur-smelling shadowrealm Xibalba. Virginia Dare confirmed this in The Enchantress. Black auras are believed to have no scent. Here is a list of the scents that are listed in the Nicholas Flamel series:


  • There are some creatures, like the Sphinx and the Lotan, who can absorb the auras of others.
  • Gilgamesh is the only known being that does not possess an aura apart from an Archon.
  • Emotions can change odor. For example, when Sophie felt angry, the vanilla smelled sour. Auras can also smell sour when they deplete.
  • Some auras pulse whereas others don't.
  • Gold (Sun) and silver (Moon) are two of the rarest auras, especially when the owners are twins.
  • The black aura is the rarest aura and is believed to have no scent.
  • With the exception of the gold, silver, and black, any person can change the scent of their aura as revealed by Dee and Dare in The Warlock.
  • One of the things Sorcery is limited by is the strength of the sorcerer's aura.
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