Race Information
Name Satyrs
Common Names Fawns
Status Extant
Age of Race (Unknown) edit
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Mars Ultor
Homeland Greece, Rome
Powers Unknown
Notable Members Phobos and Deimos
Population At least 2
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown

A Satyr (sometimes called a faun) is a hybrid animal with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat. They are very pale, with large heads, forked tongues, and small sharp teeth. Satyrs feed on fear.

Phobos and Deimos

Main article: Phobos and Deimos The only known satyrs are Phobos and Deimos (the Greek words for "fear" and "dread" respectively), who accompany Mars Ultor. In The Magician, they try to feed on Josh Newman when Dr. John Dee brings him to be awakened.