Romulus and Remus
The Roman legend of the brothers being suckled by a female wolf.
Character Information
Name Romulus
Aliases & Nicknames Unknown
Title(s) Unknown
Race Presumably Next Generation
Sex Male
Age (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Born Unknown edit
Died Unknown
Official Date of Death Unknown
True Date of Death Unknown
Aura Colour Unknown edit
Aura Scent Unknown edit
Master(s) Unknown
Servant(s) Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Alignment Unknown edit
Enemies Unknown edit
Personal Information
Parents Mars Ultor (Father)

Zephaniah (Mother)

Creator(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Remus (Twin brother)
Partner(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Hekate and Bastet (Aunts)
Prometheus (Uncle)
Aoife and Scathach (Cousins)

Romulus is the son of Mars Ultor and Zephaniah, and the twin brother of Remus. Shortly before Romulus' death, he and his brother were awakened by their father, which ultimately led to a fight between the brothers which killed them both.

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