Artist's rendition of Quetzalcoatl, by American artist William Clayton
Basic Information
Name Quetzalcoatl
Other Names Kukulkan, the "Feathered Serpent"
Title(s) Unknown
Race Elder
Gender Male
Age (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Born Unknown
Created Unknown
Died Unknown
Historical Death Unknown
Died Unknown
Status (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Aura Color Unknown edit
Aura Scent Rancid meat
Relationships and Family
Master(s) Unknown
Servant(s) Billy the Kid, Black Hawk
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Associates Dark Elders
Enemies Unknown
Parents Coatlicue (Mother)
Creator(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Xolotl (Twin brother)
Partner(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives

Quetzalcoatl is a feathered, serpentine Dark Elder and the master of both Billy the Kid and Black Hawk. He was worshipped by the Aztecs as a sky god and as the creator of mankind.

The Enchantress

Despite a grudge dating back to before the fall of Danu Talis, Quetzalcoatl contacts Bastet seeking help after Black Hawk, Machiavelli, and Billy the Kid fail to release the monsters of Alcatraz into San Francisco. Quetzalcoatl later plays a role in unleashing the Spartoi on the city, however once this plan fails he and Bastet are chased out of the city by Tsagaglalal.


  • Quetzalcoatl has a long, feathered tail which he is very sensitive to comments about.
  • At some point Quetzalcoatl had a falling-out with Billy the Kid, and came close to revoking his immortality.
  • There is a pterosaur, a flying reptile that lived alongside the dinosaurs, named Quetzalcoatlus.

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