Phoenixes are the great birds of fire
Phoenix by genzoman-d3cqnzj


The phoenix are gigantic birds that look like exactly like large eagles. They always posses the same color aura as their feathers which are either red, blue, or green. Their auras cannot be bent to their wills but instead are always on fire, the color of their aura.


  • They can speak human tongues
  • They can speak into minds to communicate
  • They reproduce themselves; when they reach around 50, they burst into complete flames and from their ashes, anywhere between one and ten birds are born, depending on the bird's size at its time of death
  • They can transport themselves anywhere using columns of unharmul fire along with one to two passengers
  • They can willingly produce healing tears of pure healing fire 
  • They are the ultimate masters of all fire magic


  • they were only mentioned in passing in the books

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