"And what use have we for a fool... or worse, a flawed tool!"
— Osiris before revoking Dr. John Dee's immortality in The Enchantress
Character Information
Name Osiris
Aliases & Nicknames Richard Newman
Title(s) Unknown
Race Earthlord
Sex Male
Age (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Born Much older than Danu Talis
Died Roughly 10,000 years ago
Official Date of Death Unknown
True Date of Death Unknown
Aura Colour Unknown edit
Aura Scent Unknown edit
Master(s) Unknown
Servant(s) John Dee
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Alignment Leader of the Dark Elders
Enemies Unknown edit
Personal Information
Parents Unknown
Creator(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Isis (Sister)
Partner(s) Isis
Children Sophie Newman (Non-biological daughter)

Josh Newman (Non-biological son)

Other Relatives
Osiris, along with Isis, is Dee's master, and also one of the leading Dark Elders. When Dr. Dee failed them, Isis and Osiris declared Dee Utlaga, and offered a huge reward for him. At the end of The Warlock we find the astonishing revelation that Osiris appears to be the father of Josh and Sophie. However, in The Enchantress, this proven to be false. In truth, Osiris is an Earthlord in the disguise of Elders who plots to return to a time where Earthlords rule. Osiris is also not the siblings' father. He merely found Sophie and Josh in separate places and separate time periods and raised them in the alias of Richard Newman. In Egyptian mythology he was a god of the Egyptian underworld. Later revealed he is an earthlord in the Enchantress.

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