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Basic Information
Name Niflheim
Also called Unknown
General Shadowrealm
Country Unknown
Region Unknown
State Unknown
Province Unknown
Territory Unknown
County Unknown
City Unknown
Town Unknown
Population Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Demonym(s) Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Founder(s) Unknown
Discovered Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Created >10,000 years ago
Creator(s) Unknown
Owner Hel
Destroyed 2012
Cause Destruction of Yggdrasil
Other Information
Powers and properties Unknown
Notable inhabitants Nidhogg, parts of Yggdrasil
Major events Escape of Nidhogg
Related locations Hekate's Shadowrealm, Asgard
Niflheim was the Shadowrealm belonging to the Elder Hel. The realm was the prison of Nidhogg before it was released by Dr. John Dee when he killed the Yggdrasil with Excalibur. In Norse mythology Niflheim was the realm of the dead unworthy to join in the feasting of Valhalla, reached by a rainbow bridge called the Bifrost.


When Josh Newman stabbed Nidhogg with Clarent, he glimpsed a memory of when Yggdrasill was dying while the creature was in still imprisoned in Niflheim. The description depicts a landscape of black rock and pools of red lava, with filthy clouds from which the roots of the Yggdrasill hung. Nidhogg then notices that the roots of the Yggdrasill are whitening and pieces breaking off as the roots die.


  • Hel (possible creator/ruler)
  • Nidhogg (prisoner in the roots of Yggdrasil)