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A Portrait of the Writer.
Character Information
Name Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli
Aliases & Nicknames Unknown
Title(s) Unknown
Race Humani (Immortal)
Sex Male
Age (Circ. 2012) 543
Born 3 May 1469
Died 21 June 1527
Official Date of Death Unknown
True Date of Death Unknown
Aura Colour Dirty white
Aura Scent Snakes
Master(s) Aten
Servant(s) Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Alignment Dark Elders
Personal Information
Parents Bernardo di Niccolò Machiavelli (Father)

Bartolomea di Stefano Nelli (Mother)

Creator(s) Unknown
Partner(s) Marietta Corsini (Deceased)
Children Guido Machiavelli (son)
Other Relatives Unknown
Niccolò di Bernardo di Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527) was an Italian political philosopher, writer, diplomat, musician, playwrite, and civil servant for the Florentine Republic. Today Machiavelli is considered one of the main founders of modern political science. In June of 1498, after the ouster and execution of Girolamo Savonarola, the Great Council elected Machiavelli as Secretary to the Second Chancery of the Republic of Florence. In the Series, he is an immortal humani under control of the Dark Elder Aten. Niccolo is stated by Dee that he is a master of lies in Magician, King Maker by Nereus, the old man of sea, in Necromancer and valuable tool by Aten on several occassion. He wrote a famous book called The Prince.

Machiavelli is a tall man with tanned skin and cold grey eyes. Machiavelli kept his snow-white hair short and had always been clean-shaven, and his tastes tended toward a more elegant style. His black suit and white silk shirt were clearly custom-made, and his deep crimson tie was woven through with threads of pure gold.

He’d been in his early thirties when he’d married Marietta Corsini in 1502, and over the next twenty-five years they’d had six children together. Leaving Marietta and the children had been one of the hardest things he’d ever done, but he’d looked out for them for the remainder of their lives. He’d also watched them age, sicken and perish: this was the dark side of the gift of immortality. When Marietta finally died, he’d attended her funeral in disguise and then visited her grave in the dead of night to pay his last respects and swear an oath that he would always honor his marriage vows and never remarry. He’d kept that promise.

Early History

Machiavelli was born in Florence in 1469. He was a celebrated philosopher, writer and politician. Before being made immortal by Aten, he had a wife and family. His wife, Marietta accused him at one point of losing his humanity, saying he didn't see people as individuals as he didn't treat her right and spent too much time away from home working.

Appearances in the series

The Magician

Niccolò first appeared at an auction, in which he received a call, from Dr. John Dee, stating Nicholas Flamel and the twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, would be arriving in Paris, to which he had to leave the auction. He is also the chief of the police of Paris, and head of the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, or General Board of External Security, the French secret serivce), he is in the heart of the European politics, and is described as "infinitely more dangerous and certainly more cunning than Dr.Dee" by Scathach, the Warrior. He found Flamel at the Sacre Coeur, where Machiavelli arrived at along with many police forces. He sent a Tulpa after Nicholas, Scathach, Sophie and Josh, but Sophie used her aura to melt it (before learning the Magic of Fire), thus stopping and destroying it. Niccolò then continued his pursuit for them throughout Paris. Machiavelli failed to catch the twins or retrieve the Codex, and was told to wait until John Dee arrived to Paris. When Dee arrived on the scene they unleashed the Nidhogg - a dragon which was trapped under the roots of the The World Tree, and was freed when The World Tree fell - unintentional for all the havoc which was created by the Nidhogg as it rampaged through Paris. Machiavelli free Dagon from his service to kill Scathach as promise because Dagon hold vengeance to the warrior for destroying thousand of Dagon's kinds. Machiavelli then spot police officer and ask him to give his car and map. It is revealed that Machiavelli is a bad driver as he only learn to drive 3 wheels car.

They only achieved to get Josh Newman and manipulated him to accompany them for Josh's Awakening. It is mentioned that John Dee wanted to Awaken Josh to bring back the Dark Elders and wipe out the humani race, but Niccolò had other intentions in mind, which is currently unknown. After Josh's Awakening, Sophie, Nicholas, Joan, and Saint-Germain arrive and take away Josh.

Machiavelli and Dee tried to stop the twin from escaping in Notre Dame however un-successful as the twin power is very strong and underestimate for untrained user.

The Sorceress

Machiavelli and Dee is waiting for a call from their displease Elders. After much debate, both Machiavelli's and Dee's Elder master granted them second chance. MAchiavelli is given the job of capturing Perenelle and releasing the monsters on the island of Alcatraz. It is reveal that Machiavelli have a secret office with bombproof casing and secured with palm and voice print technology. The room was a perfect soundproof cube. He use commercial flight to go to San Franciscoby by l’Espace Affaires—Business Class unlike Dee use private jets.

Machiavelli's master know that he have a secret database and asked Machiavelli to track down the reason why Twin in London and eventually find out that the Twin is to be trained by Gilgamesh. Billy the Kid is sent by his master to aid Machiavelli. He fails to capture Perenelle, and she takes Machiavelli and the Kid's boat, leaving them stranded on the island.

The Necromancer

Machiavelli was trapped on Alcatraz. When they escape (using Black Hawk's speed boat) they are taken to Billy's Elder Kulkukan who makes an explanation. Billy Elder's decide to spare Machiavelli life for a debt he own Aten. Machiavelli is surprise to hear that his master is describe as the gentlest and kindness elder and that elder show light emotion.

The Warlock

Machiavelli has an attack of conscience due to the questioning of Billy, and decides to go against his master, Aten. Both Machiavelli and Billy go against their word becoming Warlocks. They explain this to Dee are knocked unconscious by Virginia Dare so that Dee can release the monsters.

The Enchantress

By the time Machiavelli and Billy wake up from the flute, they are confronted by Mars, Hel, and Odin. Machiavelli and the Kid explain their situation to the Elders, and they realize that at time like theirs, they could use all the help they can get. They team up, and continue defending themselves from the numerous amounts of monsters within Alcatraz

More Coming


The first time we meet Niccolò Machiavelli is in The Magician. In this book, he's shown as an equally powerful magician to Dr. John Dee. However, he is often referred to as being 'the most dangerous man in Europe and even Nicholas Flamel says him to be infinitely more of a threat than Dr. John Dee is, because of the fact that he is a master manipulator and can control his emotions easily.

He keeps a lot of information about the Elders, Next Generation and immortal humans on a confidential database, but Dee knows about the presence of this database, with information that is shown to be quite extensive. For instance, when Aten requires information about those living in London, he is easily able to find out who there has knowledge of the elemental magics and the likeliness that they would help Flamel to train the twins.

Even though he is said to loathe Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle, we learn he has great respect for them, especially because of the fact that they escaped Dee more times than he can count. This often amuses him. Next to the respect he has, he is also said to be extremely afraid of Perenelle, because he once fought her and lost.

He appears to be more human than Dee, having once remarked that the price of his immortality was my service, but never my soul, when referring to differences between him and Dee, and he once said to Dee during encountering Niddhog that Dee had forgot his humanity feelings, but he hasn't. In extent to this, he also ends the series by saving many people in San Francisco and coming close to spontaneously combusting to save his friend Billy the Kid.


- In The Magician we learn that the man has a grey or dirty white aura and his odor is musky/snake-like. It is said to greatly resemble his personality; being extremely dangerous and manipulative.

- In The Sorceress it is said that one of the first things he mastered was the creation and manipulation of a Tulpa, a creature formed from anything malleable and animated by his imagination. This marks him as being a very powerful Magician, considering the fact that even Scathach is impressed by this.

- Even though he lost the fight with Perenelle Flamel, he managed to survive and escape because their battle caused Mt. Etna to erupt. Otherwise, he has no doubt Perenelle would have killed him.

-He also has been said to have a background in Alchemy and has extensive knowledge on Aura because, after all, he is 538 years old.

- He is able to understand many languages such as Greek dialect that had not been used in millennia, Latin that had not been use centuries before Julius Caesar, late Egyptian language used in New Kingdom over three thousand years ago

- He speaks many types of Italian languages, unaccented English

- He also able to project will into an animal or human


  • Dagon: Dagon has been a loyal servant to Machivelli for centuries, "close to four hundred years." He nursed Dagon back to health once and Dagon has given him his services in payment. Machiavelli dismisses Dagon from his duties after Dagon pleeds to him to let him chase after Scathach and avenge his people, the Fish Folk. He regards Dagon as an old friend, but Dagon is not seen again after the battle with Scathach.
  • Dr. John Dee: Machiavelli always despised him for his reckless methods when capturing Nicholas Flamel, and his lack of humanity. However, Machiavelli formed an alliance with the Magician as he thought a powerful ally could help in the future.
  • Billy the Kid: Though first thought by Machiavelli to be thoughtless and dangerously reckless, during their time on Alcatraz, Machiavelli and Billy seem to bond, and even become both allies and good friends. It is thanks to Billy that Machiavelli has a change of heart, realizing that during his long life, he's been only surviving, not living. Machiavelli then tries desperately to revive the fallen Billy, and in the end, respects him.
  • Aten: Machiavelli's master who gave him immortality at the beginning of 16th century who force him to pretend death to his family to conceal his immortality. The last time Machiavelli speak to his master is more than a century and a half ago before Aten called him again in The Magician to give Dee full support.          


  • Nicholas Flamel: Machiavelli was forced to become Flamel's enemy purely because they are on opposing sides. It is once remarked that it is surprising that Niccolo is on the side of the Dark Elders. Machiavelli respects Nicholas Flamel greatly.
  • Perenelle Flamel: Macchiavelli fears Perenelle, as she has defeated him in battle before with relative ease. Even though he lost the fight with Perenelle, he managed to survive and escape because their battle caused Mt. Etna to erupt. Otherwise, he has no doubt Perenelle would have killed him.Despite his fear, he also admires her as much as her husband. Near the end of The Enchantress, the harshness between the two lessens. Perenelle describe Machiavelli as a person with brilliant mind, cunning, ruthless in Sorceress.
  • Scathach: It is unknown when the enmity between them started, but they have been enemies for quite some time. It is said that they have met about 6 times, most recently in Stalingrad in 1942. Machiavelli respects her for her incredible skills.


  • Although Machiavelli's aura is said to smell like snakes, in reality, snakes do not have an odour.
  • Along with Billy the Kid and Aten, he is the titular character of The Warlock.

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