The Next Generation are the children of the Elders after the sinking of Danu Talis. They are widely regarded as powerful, but their abilities pale in comparison to the Elders. While a majority of the Next Generation do not have the power to awaken the Humani, some that gained extra power through various means (the Morrigan) have the ability to. Certain Next Generation are hybrids of the Elders and various other magical creatures, such as vampires.

Known Next Generation

  • Aoife - Daughter of Ard-Greime and an unnamed womqn, twin sister of Scathach and her unnamed brother, granddaughter of Zephaniah, and the wife of Niten.
  • The Sphinx - Daughter of Echidna and Typhon and the sister of Cerberus, Chimera, and the Gorgons.
  • The Harpies - Daughters of Electra and sisters of Iris.