Nereids 2
Race Information
Name Nereids
Common Names Mermaids, Merfolk
Status Extant
Age of Race (Unknown) edit
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Nereus
Controller(s) Nereus
Homeland Any Ocean or Sea
Powers Alluring voice
Notable Members Unknown
Population 50
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
Nereids, classically known as mermaids, are the 50 daughters of Nereus.


Worshipped by the Greeks, Nereids are famous for using their enchanted voices to lure sailors to their deaths in dangerous waters.

They are said to prefer warmer waters like the Mediterranean but the Elder Areop-Enap says in The Sorceress that she's encountered them all over the Earth Shadowrealm, even the freezing waters of Antarctica. Due to their fish-like lower bodies, nereids are bound to the water but they can stay out of water long enough to sun themselves on the rocks, an activity they enjoy.

Physical Description

Nereids look like classical mermaids with the upper bodies of beautiful women and long, fish-like tails instead of legs which binds them to the sea. Their skin is green, their hair long and their eyes are cold and unblinking like a fish's. Behind their lovely lips are many tiny yet sharp teeth.

The Sorceress

In The Sorceress, the Nereids assist Nereus in patrolling the waters surrounding the repurposed Alcatraz prison in order to keep Perenelle trapped on the island. When Virginia Dare steals the voice of one Nereid, Nereus and the other Nereids kill the voiceless Nereid, because it is no longer any use to them. It is thought that they are the ultimate demise of Black Hawk, after he falls into the Nereid infested waters of Alcatraz.

Trivia and Notes

  • In mythology, the nereids were minor goddesses of the sea who protected sailors during storms. These nereids are more similar to the sirens of the same mythology. Like the sirens, these nereids lured their prey with their beautiful singing.
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