The Nameless City was built by the Earthlords and occupied by the Archons and Elders at some point.


The city is in poor condition. At one point in time, Elders occupied the city and hacked it free of vines. When they moved their capital to Danu Talis they left it to the forest, which is slowly reclaiming the City. It is also mentioned that an earthquake hit the city at some point, likely during the battle between the Earthlords, Ancients, and Archons.


At an unknown point in the timeline, the Ancients, Archons, and most of what was left of the Earthlords had a great war over the city. It left it in terrible condition afterward, which may be why the Great Elders rose Danu Talis from the seabed. All of the Earthlords who fought in the war died. Quite a few were killed by Mars Ultor, as shown through Clarent's memories. What became of the Archons is unknown. It is hinted that most of the dozen died, as only two ever appear, and a total of three are ever named or mentioned. Mars Ultor has memories of battling Archons; from the fact that Mars Ultor has never lost a battle, it can be deduced that he killed at least one or two Archons.


The library is the most prominent building. The city is made of glass and gold. The buildings were made for the Earthlords and have large doors and shallow steps. The library was shaped like a pyramid and contained statues of people that became the First People. It also has a room that contained an Archon Skull and most likely several other artifacts.


The exact location is not known but there are clues. Zephaniah and Prometheus were able to walk from a desert to a city that is in the jungle. South Africa is a possibility and so is South America. The Nazca Desert is somewhat close to rainforests and it fits the description. The city would also have to be in a very remote area.


  • It is possible the Nameless City was inspired by the legends of the City of Gold, El Dorado.

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