Mystical Arts are the forms of magic practiced by Awakened Humani all over the world.

Types of Practitioners

  • Magician - practitioners of the mystic arts
  • Sorcerer- a user of a kind of magic limited only by the imagination and Aura of it's users,
  • Alchemyst-users of Alchemy, an almost scientific mystical art
  • Necromancer-  users of the darkest mystical art of all, Necromancy, which allows the user to raise and control the undead.
  • Warlock- oath-breakers
  • Elementalist (user's name is assumed)- users of one of the most powerful forms of all, controlling the power of at least one of the elements of fire, waterearth, air, and time.
  • Scrying- the art of seeing something that's going on elsewhere

Known Practitioners

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