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Ley lines are lines of magic that intersect to create a Leygate, where a portal can be opened that allows you to instantaneously travel from one point to another.

Some notable leygates include

  • Ojai to Sacre Cour (Paris)
  • Traitor's Gate Shadowrealm (London) to an unmade Shadowrealm.
  • Xibalba Shadowrealm to Mount Tamalpais (San Francisco)
  • Point Zero (Paris) to Mount Tamalpais (San Francisco)
  • Gobi Desert (Mongolia) to Ise Shine (Japan)
  • Japan to Uluru (Australia)
  • Australia to Easter Island
  • Easter Island to Mount Tamalpais (San Francisco)
  • Stonehenge to Mount Tamalpais
IMG 3031

Point Zero, an Parisian example for a leygate