King Midas

King Midas Using his Active Golden Aura

King Midas was only mentioned throughout the series because, like Josh, he has a powerful Golden Aura.

As in Greek Mythology, he had the power (or curse) of everything he touched turned to gold.

Midas was seen to have a truly powerful golden aura, and was Awakened by the Elder Dionysus later on because of a kindness. But Dionysus wasn't in good mood that day, and, in spite of Midas, as soon as Midas was Awakened, made his Aura unstable, and everything that Midas touched later turned to gold, like his aura. Midas then begged to have his Awakened Abilities reversed, but Dionysus just laughed and said that this was impossible. Dionysus did take pity on him eventually, and told him to bathe in a river to calm his overactive aura. But little did he know, that this would just turn the river to gold as well. Midas soon supposedly perished, and Dionysus went into hiding, too ashamed about what he had done.

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