Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve, who are the first Humani according to Abrahamic religions.
Race Information
Name Humani
Common Names Humans, Homo sapiens
Status Extant
Age of Race >10,000 years
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Prometheus
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Earth, the Myriad Shadowrealms
Powers Many
Notable Members Unknown
Population ~7,000,000 (Circa 2012)
Related Races Bear-sarks

Ghosts (Sometimes)

Subgroups First People
Subgroup of Unknown
The Humani are a race, created by Prometheus, that became the dominant race over the world after the sinking of Danu Talis. Humani are naturally mortal but can become immortal by various means such as it being gifted by an Elder. Humani with strong enough auras are able to shape the magics once they have been awakened, but many do not survive to awakening process. Originally on Danu Talis the humani were slaves to the Elders however they were rescued during the sinking by Mars Ultor and others. Prometheus is shown to care a lot about his creation but came to dislike them because of how they treated him, even when he was the one who created them.