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In the series the world is revealed to be older than people think it is. Earth has been ruled by five races: the Humani, Elders and Great Elders, Archons, Ancients, and Earthlords. Marethyu is older than all six races due to his time travel. Chronos may also be older than the six races due to him being a master of time travel.

Beginnings of Intelligent Life

In The Alchemyst, there is mention of a fossil of humanoid prints that is 155 million years old. This is used as the start date. The Archons definitely existed during the Cretacous period, evidenced by Cernunnos' club. This means that the Ancients and Earthlords are older than that. The Four Great Races are certainly geologically old.



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  • Unknown time in the past--Marethyu wanders through the timelines before any of the Great Races exist.
  • After that--Earthlords exist. They create large gold-and-glass cities like the Nameless City.
  • After that--Ancients exist. Famed for their libraries.
  • After that--Archon exist. They have extremely advanced technology and a more elegant way of building.

Elder Times

  • Ancients die out or disappear from the rest of history.
  • War over the Nameless City with Earthlords, Archons and both types of Elders, Great Elders and Elders win, Nameless City is beyond repair.
  • Great Elders raise Danu Talis from the Sea Bed with the help of Bastet and some other incredibly powerful Elders.