The Four Great Races are the most powerful known races in the Myriad of Shadowrealms, excluding the Humani. The earliest of the four races were the Earthlords, chronologically succeeded by the Ancients, the Archons, and the Elders. The Races were constantly in a struggle for global supremacy until the Elders formed the De Danann Empire and were finally able to subjugate the other races. Since the fall Danu Talis, the Elder Zephaniah sought out and destroyed libraries and repositories of Archon, Ancient and Earthlord technology in an attempt to foil the plans of Isis and Osiris, whom she (correctly) suspected were Earthlords attempting to dominate the Myriad Shadowrealms.


While each of the Great Races possessed unique and great power, their societies largely focused on a few great creations:

  • Earthlords were famed for huge buildings of glass and metal, and for creating the infamous Nameless City.
  • Ancients were highly intellectual beings, noted for the creation of city-colleges. Of all the Great Races, least is known about the Ancients.
  • Archons were famed for technology so advanced it was sometimes indestinguishable from magic, sometimes surpassing Elder magic in power and quality.
  • Elders were the most powerful wielders of magic, and were noted for the creation of Danu Talis.