Great Elders are possibly the oldest and likely the wisest of the Elder Race. Most of them, if not all of them helped in raising Danu Talis from the seabed using elemental magic.  Some of the Elders and Great Elders in the Nicholas Flamel Series include:

  • Amenhotep- Ruler of Danu Talis before Aten.
  • Areop-Enap (is thought to be a Great Elder, but it says this is false.)
  • Benzaiten- The Japanese goddess of flowing rivers, waters, music, art, and serpents.

    Benzaiten, one of the Great Elders

  • Chronos -  The Greek embodiment of time (seeing as he was the only Elder to master the Magic of Time, he deserved it)
  • Hekate- The Greek goddess of magic
  • Hel- The Norse goddess of the unworthy dead
  • Nereus- A Greek sea god, known as the Old Man of the Sea
  • Odin- The Norse god of knowledge, magic, and chief of the Norse pantheon
  • Mars Ultor (Not really known if he was really a Great Elder. It's said that in the past Coatlicue battled a Great Elder named Mars but in The Warlock Mars Ultor the common Elder said that he has fought Coatlicue.)
  • Tammuz- A Sumerian god of vegetation, briefly trained in Time magic by Chronos
  • Thoth- The Egyptian god of knowledge and magic, along with Isis
  • Typhon- A Greek storm giant that, in the myths, nearly destroyed Mount Olympus single-handedly
  • Zephaniah- A biblical medium who communed with the spirit of Samuel to King Saul

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