“You possess a pure gold Aura, Josh. Only a few characters in history have had one. Midas, Tutankhamun, even the creator of the Codex, himself, Abraham. This shows just how powerful you are."
John Dee while talking to Josh.

A Gold Aura is one of the rarest and most powerful Auras in existence. Like the Silver Aura symbolizes the moon and water, the Gold Aura symbolizes the sun and fire.

Original Twin

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One of the most famous Gold Auras in all of history is that of the original twin. While fighting with his sister, the gold twin fought against the forces of darkness and chaos atop the Pyramid of the Sun. The energies that were released in this fight were so great and powerful, that it caused the entire island of Danu Talis to sink beneath the waves and cause massive global catastrophes capable of wiping out all humanity. It is thought that he perished in the fight. In the Enchantress it is found that Josh is the original gold twin while Sophie is the original silver.

Josh Newman

Thousands of years after the battle on Danu Talis, a boy named Josh Newman was born with a solid pure Gold Aura while his twin sister Sophie possesses a solid pure Silver Aura. It is currently unknown which of them possesses the more powerful Aura, but so far, Josh has displayed several abilities that could very well surpass his sister. Dr. John Dee even stated that Josh's full potential could be hailed as godhood.

List of Golds

Josh Newman

King Midas



The Original Gold Twin


  • While Gold Auras are rare, Dagon states that the Black Aura is the rarest in all of existence.
  • The Gold Aura symbolizes the sun and fire.

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