Juan Manuel de Ayala
Juan Manuel de Ayala, a notable ghost
Race Information
Name Ghosts
Common Names Spirits, spectres, phantasms, phantoms
Status Extant
Age of Race Roughly as old as life itself
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Unknown
Powers Incorporeal
Notable Members Juan Manuel de Ayala
Population Unknown
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Poltergeists
Subgroup of Unknown
Ghosts are the incorporeal shadows of auric energy that can sometimes be created on the death of a sentient creature (most notably humani). Ghosts can be created for several reasons - some ghosts are created when the being fails to notice it's died. Most ghosts are created because they are very emotionally bound to a person, place, object, or unresolved task, and thus linger until they resolve their "unfinished business". Since ghosts are merely shadows of auras and thus contain very little energy, most ghosts have little or no power over the real world. Conversely, the real world has little power over them, allowing them to pass effortlessly through solid objects.

Since Ghosts contain very little energy, they are not ordinarily visible. As far as is mentioned in the series, ghosts can only be seen by a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter (such as Perenelle Flamel).


Poltergeists are powerful and uncommon ghosts which have a limited capacity to alter the real world. A notable example is Juan Manuel de Ayala, who is able to batter doors, create small gusts of wind, and move water droplets and bubbles. How a ghost becomes a poltergeist is unknown - it may be an acquired skill, or it may simply depend on how powerful the individual was before they died.