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Race Information
Name Genii Cucullati
Common Names The Hooded Ones
Status Extant
Age of Race Unknown
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Tenuously affiliated with the Dark Elders
Homeland Unknown
Powers Superhuman speed
Notable Members Unknown
Population At least four
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
Also known as The Hooded Ones, three Genii Cucullati appear in the very beginning of The Sorceress, having been hired by Dee to find Flamel and the twins. Athough they dislike taking orders, they agreed to do this on the condition of getting to eat Flamel afterwards, and also out of fear of Dee's Elder master. Genii Cucullati have been around since Britain was still connected to mainland Europe, and were once worshipped as gods. They speak in an ancient language that later became Gaelic. They have an excellent sense of smell and use this to track the auras of Flamel and the twins in the crowded train station. They themselves smell of rotten meat.

In their humanoid forms, the Genii Cucullati wore green hooded parkas and large sunglasses, resembling teenagers, although they also had black tongues. They change into animalistic forms, bigger and more muscular, with thick fur, clawed hands, sharp teeth, and glowing blue-black eyes. When their hoods are cut away by Josh, their faces are not humanlike in the least, but they are not as ugly as might be expected, with small heads and large, sunken eyes. They are described as "more bear than wolf, and more wolverine than bear" by Flamel. In this form, they choose to walk on all fours and communicate with each other in yips and growls, although when they speak English, their voices are high-pitched and childlike.

Flamel defeats them with a woven bracelet given to him by the Elder Iris, which uses the power of the River Styx to put the creatures into a deep sleep which lasts, according to legend, for a year and a day.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Speed: Genii Cucullati can move unnaturally quickly.

Teeth: Genii Cucullati have razor-sharp teeth, which can presumably be used as a deadly weapon.