The First People were the first creatures that were created by Prometheus that would eventually come to be known as the Humani. While stumbling across an Archon Library in the Nameless City, Prometheus discovered a hall filled with statues that resembled creatures he had never seen before. His aura then came to life without his command, and proceeded to give the statues of the First People life. Thus, the First People were born. Every one of the First People have a spark of Prometheus's Aura inside of it.


The First People always appear as vaguely humanoid creatures that resemble regular humans, yet are completely composed of dirt and sand. They sometimes trail flakes of this dirt when they move. They are also incredibly thin and possess no eyes, nose, mouth, or ears, features that were later filled in when Prometheus's Aura gave them Life.  They also are apparently mindless and will take the souls of anything and anyone they see. The only person who can control them who was seen so far was Prometheus. They resided in the Hades Shadowrealm before it crumbled to dust.


  • They are called the First People because they are said to be the first Humans.
  • It should be questioned why there were still about thirty or so First People still looking blank. Maybe they were freshly forming when The Witch of Endor woke Prometheus when he was creating them, and they were unfinished.

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