"It is said that the Magic of Air, Water, or even Earth is the most powerful magic of all. They are wrong. The Magic of Fire surpasses all others."
— Saint-Germain and Prometheus while training Josh and Sophie.Fire magic is one of the four main elemental magics, along with Air, Earth, and Water magic.  Masters of fire magic are capable of creating and manipulating fire and heat using auric energy to devastating effect. Mastering fire magic typically takes lifetimes of study, however those who have are among the most powerful wielders of magic in the myriad Shadowrealms. In addition to wielding massive destructive power, fire magic can be used to seal wounds and heal injury, or to keep warm in harsh climates. Fire magic is dangerous to the wielder if not controlled properly, easily running out of control and destroying the spellcaster.

Powers & Abilities

Masters of fire can manipulate the substance in many ways, including:

Master of Fire

  • Healing: Masters of fire can heal certain types of wounds with fire by fusing and reforming tissue.
  • Pyromancy: Masters of fire can create, extinguish, manipulate, move, and throw fire. Fire can be formed into shapes.
  • Thermokinesis: Masters of fire can greatly heat an object or enemy with a touch.
  • Welding: Masters of fire can melt and fuse stone, metal, and many other substances.
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Masters of Fire


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