Elders are immortal and powerful beings that once lived on the island of Danu Talis until its destruction. In different parts of the world such as Egypt, Mesoamerica, and the Mediterranean some were worshipped as gods. Many live in Shadowrealms that are based on what Danu Talis was like before its fall.

Physical Features

Most Elders are born with human-like appearances. However, when they grow older, their bodies permanently shift into a shape more befitting of their inner selves, many becoming deformed or monstrous. This alteration is known as the Change.


Thousands of years before the race of the humani appeared on the Earth, the Elder Race ruled the planet from the Isle of Danu Talis. They ruled it for some thousand years and became gods in the eyes of the humani and the other races of the planet. Soon though, after thousands of years of the Elder race ruling, the Original Twins of Legend fought against the forces of darkness atop the Pyramid of the Sun. The battle caused many natural disasters that eventually caused Danu Talis to sink below the sea and caused many Elders to perish. While many Elders survived, they were scattered across the world to live out new lives. Some hid out on Earth, while others hid out in their own personal Shadowrealms.

It is mentioned in the Warlock that because the Elders had defeated all other rivals they had begun to fight between themselves, leading to why Danu Talis had to sink.

Nowadays, they are remembered as the gods in just about every ancient race, including Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, and many others. Some stories called them Giants, others were called the Old Ones and gods.

The Elders are currently either hiding in a Shadowrealm or residing with the Dark Elders. 

Known Elders

  • Anubis - The child of Bastet and the brother of Aten. Plotted to take over Danu Talis before its fall.
  • Ard-Greimne - Unknown what the change has done to him. He owns and controls Danu Talis' great jail. He is Scathach and Aoifes' mysterious father. His wife and son, however, is unknown. Very little is known about him.
  • Aten - God of the sun in Egyptian mythology, father of Tutankhamun, master of Niccolo Machiavelli, and brother-in-arms of Quetzecoatl. Not much is known of him.
  • Bastet - Egyptian cat-headed goddess of cats. Wife of Amenhotep, mother of Anubis and Aten. Currently a member of the Dark Elders.
  • Black Annis - Celtic demon known to be living in the Catskills. It is implied that if Zephaniah knew where she was, the witch would destroy her.
  • Hekate - Greek goddess of Three Faces and goddess of magic. Dwelt in the Yggdrasil in her Shadowrealm until Dee killed her by toppling the World Tree on top of her. Lover of Odin and very good friend of the Witch of Endor.
  • Hel - Norse goddess of the Underworld, Niflheim, and the niece of Odin.
  • Inanna - Babylonian goddess of love, procreation and war. Used to be Tammuz's consort.
  • Iris - Greek goddess of rainbows. She was mentioned in The Sorceress for giving Nicholas Flamel a favor after a deed that he had done for her. Iris is the only person mentioned ever to have a rainbow-hued aura.
  • Mars Ultor - Roman god of war and Ashur, the Bayblonian god of war. It is unknown what the change did to him. He is the husband of Zephaniah, and is brother-in-law to Prometheus.
  • Odin - The one-eyed god of Norse mythology, lived in Asgard Shadowrealm until the destruction of the Yggdrasil. He loved Hekate.
  • Persephone - Greek goddess of spring. Is known to have gone insane from her years spent in the Hades' Shadowrealm, Erebus.
  • Prometheus - Creator of the humani race and master of fire. Brother of Zephaniah and brother-in-law to Mars Ultor.
  • Quetzalcoatl - Aztec god of the sky, the morning Star, death and resurrection. Also known as, Kukulkan, he is the twin of Xolotl, master of Billy the Kid and Black Hawk, son of Coatlicue, and brother-in-arms of Aten.
  • Zephaniah - The Witch of Endor, mistress of air, older sister of Prometheus, grandmother of Scathach, Aoife, and their unnamed brother. Mother of Romulus and Remus, married to Mars Ultor until he was corrupted by Excalibur and Clarent. Trained Sophie Newman in the magic of Air.
  • Xolotl - Twin brother of Quetzecoatl, master of fire, god of fire, lightning, and death in Aztec mythology.

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