Brynhildr, former queen of the Disir.
Race Information
Name Disir
Common Names Valkyries
Status Extant
Age of Race (Unknown) edit
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Unknown
Controller(s) Unknown
Homeland Earth
Powers Ability to control the Nidhogg
Notable Members Brynhildr
Population Unknown
Related Races Elders, Next Generation
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
The Disir, sometimes known as Valkyries, are a female group of powerful Elder warriors who ruled the North several thousand years ago. Disir are tall, with platinum blonde hair and eyes of varying shades of blue and purple. They are typically clothed in white chainmail and robes, and wield warhammers.


Prior to the fall of Danu Talis, the Disir split from the Elders that were living in the city and chose to begin a Queendom in the North. With the fall of Danu Talis spurring the Ice Age, the Disir quickly siezed control over much of the globe. To deal with the threat of global domination, Zephaniah gave Chronos her eyes in exchange for the ability to see through the strings of time. By looking through ten thousand years, she chose a warrior from each mellennium, and tasked Chronos with assembling them into a team. Included in this team was Zephaniah's own granddaughter, Scathach. The battle, known as Ragnarok, lasted only a single night, and ended with Scathach throwing the Disir Queen Brynhildr into a volcano.


The Disir are highly potent warriors, commanding both magical and physical strength. They are most powerful in cold environments, and are at the height of their power during the hours of twilight (hence they wielded great power in the North during the last Ice Age).

  • Nidhogg Manipulation: The Disir are able to wake Nidhogg, and can control it to some degree.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Disir are much stronger than humani. They are able to run farther and faster, jump great heights, and strike with incredible strength and speed.