The De Danann Empire was the government that ruled over the island of Danu Talis and its holdings for millennia. It consisted of Great Elders, Elders, and their humani servants.


The De Danann Empire was created by the Great Elder Thoth after Danu Talis was pulled from the seabed. Upon its creation it was constantly assaulted by Archons, Ancients, and Earthlords. When Aten, an Elder and the third emperor of Danu Talis, came to the throne of the De Danann Empire, he and his brother Anubis were able to annihalate the Earthlords, leading to the disappearance of the Ancients, and vanquish the Archons. Later, civil war broke out as Anubis, under the influence of his mother Bastet, pushed to usurp the throne from Aten.


The Empire was ruled by an emperor, of which there were three before the Great Fall, as well as an association of powerful Elders that formed the court.


By the time of Aten's rule, the military was comprised of anpu, Anubis's jackal-headed creations. The anpus were normally armed with kopeshs, a type of ancient Egyptian curved sword, as well as tombogiri, a form of projectile weapon that fired razor-sharp balls. The De Danann military also maintained a fleet of vimana, a type of airborne craft that resembled flying saucers, as well as the larger Rukma vimana, the battleships.

Political Figures

  • Thoth (first De Dannan emperor)
  • Amenhotep (second De Dannan emperor)
  • Aten (third De Dannan emperor)
  • Anubis (brother of Aten, creator of the anpu, usurper)
  • Bastet (mother of Aten and Anubis, present at formation of Danu Talis)
  • Abraham the Mage (powerful entity who created the Codex)
  • Isis and Osiris (powerful and influential Earthlords)