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Danu talis
Isle of Danu Talis
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Danu Talis was the mythical home of the Elders. It sank 10,000 years ago when the ruling twins with auras of pure gold and silver fought on The Pyramid of the Sun. In the modern world, it is known as Atlantis.


The Elders lived here after the Great Elders left the Nameless City and raised Danu Talis from the seafloor. Why they did this is entirely unknown.


Legend said that the Sun and Moon, or twins of legend, fought on the Pyramid of the Sun and the power they created from their auras was the reason Danu Talis fell. What really happened was that the twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, were brought back in time by John Dee using the swords of power. But they didn't fight each other. On top of the Pyramid, Josh receives his tablet from Abraham the Mage, which tells him what to do. Sophie departs Danu Talis, and Josh becomes Marethyu. He uses the four swords of power to destroy Danu Talis. Sophie can sometimes hear Josh or Marethyu wispering to her although she can never actually see him.

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