Crystal mirror
A human-made crystal mirror.
Object Information
Name Crystal Mirror
Other Names Unknown
Owner(s) Quetzalcoatl
Past Owners Earthlords (unspecified)
Creator(s) Unknown
Date Created (Unknown) edit
Destroyed Unknown
Powers Scrying through time and into shadowrealms
Significance Used by Quetzalcoatl to gather information on his agents.

The Crystal mirror is a powerful scrying device that has been used for millennia by the elder Quetzalcoatl to look across shadowrealms and, to a limited extent, into various timelines. The crystal, originally made by the Earthlords, is powered by blood - Quetzalcoatl believed that over time the mirror had consumed so much blood it took on a degree of sentience.


The mirror is described as small and rectangular, made of a cloudy crystal. The mirror is framed in a plain black frame noted as being "neither wood, metal, nor stone."


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