Dee originally posseses, Durendal (wind), Joyuese (earth), and Excalibur (ice). In The Magicain Dee finally captures Clarent (fire) the last sword of power and runs off with the weapons. Finally in the Necromancer Dee convinces Josh to join his side and in turn gives him Clarent And Durendal. Then long story short: they go back in time creating a leygate go back in time to the age of Danu Talis. They find out that Isis and Osiris are Earthlords and aren't their parents. Sophie ends up with Durendal and Joyuese while Josh gets Clarent and Excalibur. When Sophie leaves Josh uses all four swords to make them into one Aether (time) which forms his hook. Then Josh Becomes Death (marethyu) with Aether for his hook which he can use to go through tim with leygates to see possible futures.

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