Black aura

Black auras are the rarest of all auras. Dagon mentions that silver and gold auras are the rarest auras only behind black. Just because it is one of the rarest, it is unknown if the black aura is the strongest, though the rarer the aura the stronger it usually tends to be. 

Known Black Auras

  • Perenell Flamel- In The Warlock Perenell's Eyes and aura turns black when giving Nicholas an extra day that is becuse she is using other peoples auras to stable herself but her aura color is still white.
  • Marethyu- In The Warlock when Marehtyu breaks the stone chains that are binding him, a black shadow flickers around him. On the other hand, in The Enchantress Marethyu admits to Dee that he has no aura. But it is only black because it needs so much of it so his gold aura darkened. 


  • Although black auras are said to be the rarest, the rainbow-hued aura has only appeared once (with the rainbow goddess, Iris)

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