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Bear-sarks (or Berserkers) are servants of Anubis. They are hybrid monsters of mixed bear and human genes. They appear only in The Enchantress. They are not very smart and can be fooled with ease.




Bear-sarks are described as tall and muscular. They have the bodies of men and the heads, claws, and feet of black bears. Their clothing hangs in rags abut their body and they wear thick bearskin belts around their waists. Sometimes they have ram horns and wear hooded cloaks.

For weapons they carry short-handled battle axes and black obsidian knives.

The Enchantress

In The Enchantress, three bear-sarks are sent by Anubis to kill Sophie and Josh Newman while they are in The Pyramid of the Sun.

There is a brief fight that is ended when Tsagaglalal shows up and slays the bear-sarks.

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