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Archon skull thumbnail
The icon of the Archon Skull from a book cover
Object Information
Name Archon Skull
Other Names Unknown
Owner(s) Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel
Past Owners Unknown
Creator(s) Unknown
Created (Unknown) edit
Destroyed Unknown
Powers (Unknown) edit
Significance (Unknown) edit
Archon skulls are powerful magical artifacts which can use auric power to see into the minds of others. In The Necromancer, an Archon skull was used by Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel to spy on Josh Newman while he was being controlled in his sleep by Mars Ultor


  • One of the only ways to destroy an archon skull is to throw it in an active volcano.
  • An Archon skull in the Nameless City during one of Sophie's flashbacks in Zephaniah's memories.
  • Zephaniah states that Elders are forbidden to touch an Archon skull.

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