Character Information
Name Anubis
Aliases & Nicknames Unknown
Title(s) Unknown
Race Elder
Sex Male
Age (Circ. 2012) Unknown
Born Unknown; at least 10,000 years ago
Died Unknown
Official Date of Death Unknown
True Date of Death Unknown
Aura Colour Unknown edit
Aura Scent Unknown edit
Master(s) Unknown
Servant(s) The Anpu
Mentor Unknown
Allies/Alignment Dark Elders
Enemies Unknown edit
Personal Information
Parents Bastet (mother)

Amenhotep (father)

Creator(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Aten (brother)
Partner(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Relatives Tutankhamun (nephew)
Mars Ultor (uncle)

Hekate (aunt)
Thoth (grandfather)
Scathach, Aoife, Morrigan, Macha and Badb, Romulus, Remus (cousins)

Anubis is the brother of Aten, Lord of Danu Talis. His father is Amenhotep, who also was Lord of Danu Talis.

He is jealous of his brother, Aten, and he and his mother, Bastet, plot to overthow him. They succeed, though that is revealed to be allowed by Aten. Anubis then plans to be presented as Lord of Danu Talis, but he does not get the chance due to intervention by Isis and Osiris. Anubis is in control of the army, which is comprised of Anpu, jackal-headed creatures created by himself, and various other monsters. He finds great amusement in creating more human-animal hybrids in the labs under The Pyramid of the Sun and putting them into action. He is a strategist and more than a capable warrior: he fought Earthlords with his brother, though his greatest failing might have been being controlled by his mother.

In Mythology

Anubis is the Egyptian god of embalming, his father was either Osiris or Set, Osiris' brother, and his mother was Nephthys. Anubis is the Greek name for him, his Egyptian name is Anpu.

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