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A statue from Tutankhamun's tomb
Race Information
Name Anpu
Common Names Unknown
Status Extinct
Age of Race At least 10,000
Reason for Extinction Unknown
Creator Anubis
Controller(s) Anubis
Homeland Danu Talis
Powers Unknown
Notable Members Unknown
Population Unknown
Related Races Unknown
Subgroups Unknown
Subgroup of Unknown
Anpu are wolf-headed warriors created by Anubis. Controlled by the Elder himself, they served on Danu Talis as royal guards, prison wardens, and soldiers for the Elders (though Anubis gave the final commands; when Aten assisted Marethyu, Anubis ordered the Anpu to attack Aten despite him having a higher rank).
Anpu by Praetori

An Anpu


  • "Anubis" is the Greek word for the god. "Anpu" was the name Egyptians called Anubis.
  • Recently, genetic analysis the "jackals" worshipped by the Egyptians are actually African golden wolves. The notion that Anubis (and the Anpu) were "jackal-headed" is erroneous.
  • The Anpu are usually silent, excepting their cries of war. They also speak when attacked by Hekate's army.
  • The main weapons of the Anpu are the tonbogiri and kopeshs. 

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