Alchemy is the complicated, almost scientific, mystical art that involves the processes of changing the atoms and molecules of an object to make a different object. Examples include converting ordinary common metals such as lead and copper into gold, converting coal into diamonds and combining ingredients to produce an elixir of life, to give the drinker immortality ( though the potion must be drunk once a month for the immortality to be maintained.) If the drinker has not taken the elixir often enough, the immortality will wear off, aging the person by a year each day though the process is sped up if the drinker uses his or her aura. The same recipe never works twice and always appears once a month, on the full moon, on page 7 of the Codex . If someone attempts to use the same formula twice, the second sip with instead of granting immortality, actually accelerate aging. Codex was created by Abraham the Mage Practitioners of the art are known as Alchemysts and require knowledge of ancient languages and incredible patience.

Alchemy Arts

There are several occurrences in the series and in history when Alchemy has been used. Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Transmutation Spell: Changing a solid to a liquid or a liquid to a solid, and changing them back again.
  • Philosophers Stone : A stone that, when combined with spells, can both change lead to gold or other valuable substances, or in some cases, maintain youth.
  • A Better Understanding of the Universe: When studying Alchemy, you learn more about everything around you and the history of the universe.
  • Immortality: Alchemy can be used to brew Elixiers of Immortality, however, each forumla only works once, so an Alchemist who wishes to live forever requires the Codex to come up with new ones every month.
  • Attraction: a special spell used to cause like material to attract like material: used by Niccolò Macchiavelli to redirect a Leygate to somewhere that a certain kind of DNA can be found.
  • DNA Manipulation: allows an alchemist to manipulate DNA, and literally "grow forests from floorboards"

Notable Alchemists

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